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Elissa Zakaria Khoury 

Elissa (Arabic: ), a Lebanese music artist, is Elissa Zakaria Khoury (Arabic: born October 27, 1972).  She is one of the most well-known singers in Lebanon and among the most prominent figures in Arab culture. 

Since 2005, she has ranked among the best-selling female artists from the Middle East. She won the World Music Award for Best Selling Middle Eastern Artist for the first time in 2005 and again won the honor in 2006 and 2010. 

Currently, she has sold more than 30 million albums globally. Elissa is one of Lebanon's wealthiest celebrities, with an estimated net worth of around $40 million. Elissa has more than 50 million social media followers as of 2019. 

Elissa Zakaria Khoury

early years

Elissa was born in Deir Al-Ahmar[8] to a Syrian mother from Wadi al-Nasara and a Lebanese father. She has two sisters, Norma and Rita, and three brothers, Ghassan, Kamil, and Jihad. 

Along with her siblings, Elissa was raised in the Beqaa Valley. She earned a political science degree from the Lebanese University. 

Despite having a degree in politics, she was also passionate about music. Therefore, she decided to pursue a professional career in music and show business after college. 

[5] Elissa joined Le Théâtre de Dix-Heures, a Lebanese theatrical group, to successfully merge her passions for politics and theatre. 

1992–1999: Start of career, Studio El Fan, and release of debut album Baddy Doub

Elissa's musical career started in 1992 when she won the silver prize at the Lebanese music competition Studio El Fan. Her first studio album, Baddy Doub (I Want to Melt Away), was published in Lebanon in late 1998 before being distributed by EMI Music Arabia in 1999 throughout the Arab world. 

She and Spanish vocalist Gerard Ferrer worked together on the album's lead hit. In addition, Elissa signed on with shampoo giant Head & Shoulders to serve as its inspiring and outspoken spokesperson for the Middle East that same year, landing her first significant brand agreement.

W'akherta Maak (To the End with You), the second album of W'akherta Maak and Ayshalak Elissa, was released in September 2000. The duet "Betghib Betrouh" (You Disappear, You Go), featuring Ragheb Alama, was included on the album. At the Stars Charity show in Dubai, she was the only Arabic performer to take the stage in front of former US President Bill Clinton. 

She received the Murex d'Or prize for Best Female Artist that year. Ayshalak (I Live for You), her third studio album, was released in June 2002.

She wore Christian Dior clothing when she filmed a music video in Paris for the album's famous title track. The fashion house had never previously collaborated with an Arab artist.

Ahla Dounya and Bastanak received further fame in 2003–06.

Elissa became the brand ambassador for the Middle East after joining Pepsi in December 2003 and agreeing to a four-year promotional contract.

 In January 2004, she joined American music stars Beyoncé, Britney Spears, and Pink at a Pepsi press event in London, England. She then collaborated with Christina Aguilera on two Pepsi commercials for the World Football Cup, filmed in Los Angeles. 

Elissa joined the Saudi Arabian entertainment company Rotana in 2004, and on April 19, she released her fourth studio album, Ahla Dounya (The Most Beautiful World).

"Irjaa Lilshowk" (Return to Love), and "Koul Youm Fee Omri" (Every Day of My Life). Were among the album's singles and music videos. 

In Pepsi commercials, the songs "Koul Youm Fee Oumri," "Karibli" (Come Close to Me), and "Law Nirjaa Sawa" (If We're Together Again) were played. 

Ahla Dounya sold around 3.4 million copies by the end of 2004. [14] Elissa was the first Lebanese musician to win the Best Selling Artist from the Middle East category of a World Music Award in 2005. [6] The Kodak Theatre in Hollywood served as the site of the ceremony. 

She was awarded the Murex d'Or for Best Lebanese Artist and Best Video Clip for "Hoback Wajaa" in December 2005. 

For "Hoback Wajaa," she won the Murex d'Or for Best Lebanese Artist and Video Clip. However, despite its enormous success, Elissa admitted in a 2017 interview that she thought this album was a step down from "Ayshalak," even though it is a fan favorite.

She released her fifth studio album, Bastanak, on February 16, 2006. (Waiting for You). Both "Law Taarafou" (If You Knew Him) and the smash single with the same name from the album have corresponding music videos. In addition to "It's My Fault," the album also featured the hits "Kermalak" (For You), "Taa" (Come), "Fatet Sineen" (Years Went By), and "Zanbi Ana.

" Marwan Khoury wrote the latter song. Elissa got her second consecutive World Music Award for sales on November 15.

007-10: Tesada'a Bemeen and Ayami Bik

Ayami Bik (My Days with You), Elissa's sixth studio album, was released on December 18, 2007. Including "Batman" (I Owe You), "Awakher Al Shita" (The End of Winter), "Ayami Bik," and "Khod Balak Alaya," three of Elissa's most well-known songs (Take Care of Me). 

Her seventh studio album, Tesada'a Bemeen (Who Do You Believe In? ), which featured the songs "Tesada'a Bemeen" and "Aa Bali Habibi" (I Want to, Darling...), was released 

On December 26, 2009. Tesada'a Bemeen earned Elissa her third World Music Award. In addition, she received the Big Apple Music Award and the Jordan Music Awards' "Best Arab Female Artist" accolade in November 2010.

007-10: Tesada'a Bemeen and Ayami Bik

Asaad Wahda (The Happiest One), her eighth studio album, was released on June 19, 2012. The title track from the album and "Teebt Mennak" (I'm Fed Up With You) both have music videos. 

The video for the latter was made available the following year. Elissa released the Maa Sabk Al Esrar series' theme song in the summer of 2012. 

[15] Elissa was picked in December 2012 to serve as one of the judges on The X Factor Arabia, which aired for the first quarter of 2013. On June 23, 2013, Elissa was honored with two Murex D'Or Awards: Best Arabic Song for "Asaad wahad" and Best Lebanese Singer.

In July 2014, Elissa released her ninth album, Halet Hob (A State of Love). The songs "Helwa Ya Baladi" and "Awel Mara" (The Very First Time) were both covered on the CD (My Beautiful Country).

 On December 12, 2014, she dropped the "Hob Kol Hayaty" (The Love of My Life first )'s music video. [17] On March 14, 2015, Elissa returned to The X Factor as a judge for the second season. 

On April 29, 2015, Elissa released the music video for her cover of "Mawtini." On May 14, 2015, the second video from her ninth studio album, "Ya Merayti," was released (On Mirror). Early in 2016, the last single, the title track, was made available.

Political opinions and personal life

Elissa posted on social media in 2014 to denounce the crimes against humanity carried out by ISIS against people of color, saying, "I'm Lebanese, and I'm proudly Christian. Shame on such people."

 As a vocal supporter of women's rights in the Middle East, Elissa. With the release of her music video for "Ila Kol Elli Bihebbouni," Elissa, a supporter of breast cancer awareness, revealed her earlier diagnosis and successful treatment of early-stage disease. 

She had previously kept it a secret from the media and the general public since receiving the diagnosis in late 2017.

"I've healed, I've overcome the illness, and I won," the message at the end of the video reads. You can save your life if breast cancer is detected early... Face it instead of avoiding it... Do it for your loved ones as well as for yourself. 

She received praise for "breaking the taboo" surrounding breast cancer awareness in the Middle East, encouraging and motivating women to be screened for the condition. 

The hashtags Elissa  and To All Who Love Me started to gain popularity in Lebanon and the neighboring Middle Eastern nations. 

Elissa was selected as an ambassador for a breast cancer awareness campaign in Beirut in October 2018.

Height : 1.73m / Weight : 64kg

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