Haifa Wehbe's info and sad facts about her career

Who is Haifa Wehbe?

early years

Wehbe once stated that she was born in 1976, which was corroborated by several authorities. She said at one point that she was three years her ex-husband Ahmed Abou Hashima's junior, who was born in 1975. However, a leaked document shared by her half-sister Rola Yamout revealed that she was born in 1972.

At sixteen, Wehbe won the title of Miss South Lebanon and finished in second place at the Miss Lebanon pageant, which was later canceled when he learned that she was ineligible because she had been married and had a kid.

Haifa Wehbe


Career from 2004 to 2007 for Baddi Aech in television

Following the success of the lead song "Ya Hayat Albi," Wehbe released her second studio album Baddi Aech in early 2005. 

The album's lead single, "Freedom," released after the murder of Lebanese politician Rafik Hariri, discusses "one of the most fundamental human rights." 

Her biggest hit to date was the follow-up single "Aana Haifa She participated in Al Wadi, a localized:d version of The Farm, in the summer of 2005 as a guest.

She released "Bus al-Wawa"  in 2006; the song was subsequently featured in a Pepsi commercial.

Beginnings of a film career in 2008–2009 with Habibi Aana

Along with Carole Samaha, Ahmad el Sherif, Wael Kfoury, Brigitte Yaghi, and Ruwaida al-Mahrouqi, Wehbe featured in the Pepsi-produced movie Sea of Stars, which was released in early 2008. 

Wehbe released Habibi Aana, her third studio album, on July 4, 2008. It has 15 songs, including the lead single, "Moush Adra Astana," in Arabic.

2010–2012: Babe Haifa and Malikat Jamal Al Kawn Wehbe published Babe Haifa as a children's CD through Rotana Records in March 2010

Wehbe appeared on the song "Yama Layali" from the album Vendetta by French DJ David Vendetta in April 2010. However, Egyptian Nubians accused the musician of singing a song encouraged prejudice and hatred against them.

2013-present: Mariam, Breathing You In, and Your Face Sounds Familiar

The new song "Ghala Ghala" by Web was released in the summer of 2013.

[Reference needed]

She joined Tarik Freitekh's label in 2014, and on June 21, 2014, Wehbe filmed the music video for her new song, "Farhana" (Your Face Sounds Familiar in Arabic; ).

[Reference needed]

She revealed in August 2014 that she would release a new song, "Breathing You In," along with a music video starring Casper Smart.

She appeared in the Egyptian drama Lanaat Karma in 2018.

Haifa's seventh studio album, Hawwa, was released in September 2018.

 The album, which contains 15 tracks, debuted at the top of the iTunes charts. Wehbe alone and without the assistance of a record label produced the album.

personal life 

Wehbe wed her cousin Nasr Fayyad in the 1990s when she was only 18, and they journeyed to Nigeria, where he worked. She left Fayyad, with whom she had a daughter named Zeinab, and moved back to Lebanon while pregnant. 

While in Lebanon recording a music video for the song "Hasa Ma Bena" on June 25, 2007, Wehbe almost avoided a fatal accident. 

A single-engine plane was supposed to chase Wehbe as she was driving a car in the video. However, the airplane accidentally struck the automobile, which destroyed the front windshield of the convertible she was going. 

Wehbe barely sustained minor scratches and bruises despite the intensity of the tragedy. On April 24, 2009, in Beirut, Wehbe wed the Egyptian businessman Ahmed Abou Hashima.  

Anastacia, Carmen Electra, and other celebrities attended the wedding. Googoosh, Ragheb Alama, Sherine, Najwa Karam, Nawal Al Zoghbi, 

In November 2012, she revealed that Wehbe and Ahmed Abou Hashima had parted ways. Shiite Muslim Wehbe. Rahab and Daniella, two granddaughters, born to Wehbe by her daughter Zeinab, exist.

social and political perspectives

She relocated to Egypt for the 2006 Israel-Lebanon War from her house in Verdun, Beirut. Wehbe praised Hassan Nasrallah, the head of Hezbollah, for his stance against Israel throughout the conflict during a concert in the Lebanese village of Jounieh. 

However, Wehbe declined to take the stage at any performance held during the 34-day battle, even fundraisers, stating that there were other ways to support Lebanon.]

After the 2009 Egypt-Algeria World Cup controversy, another event heightened the diplomatic hostility between the two nations. 

Wehbe continued by saying that she would not be performing in Algeria soon because Algerians "...wouldn't grasp her songs." Wehbe's disrespect of Algeria and the Algerian people drew a rebuke from the culture minister of Algeria, who declared that whether or not Wehbe apologized, she would be barred from performing in Algeria. 

Wehbe tweeted in January 2012 that she loves all her followers, including her "gay fan base." 

 When a faggot speaks, she tweeted in response to someone's criticism in June 2017. The tweet was later deleted. [37] She supported the LGBT community by posting a rainbow flag in a Snapchat snap in 2018. 

[38] In a statement accompanying the debut of her rainbow-colored fashion line, Beau Voyou, in February 2019, Wehbe said, "For me, equality goes all the way," adding, "Get ready to celebrate unfettered and infinite love." 


According to's 2006 Edition of the Top 99 Most Desirable Women, Wehbe was rated eighth. 

Some in the more traditional Arab nations consider her exposing attire scandalous. A Bahraini lawmaker described her as a sexual vocalist who communicated with her body rather than her voice.

 Wehbe claimed to be aware of attempts to prevent her from playing at the performance, but she had decided to disregard their tries to silence her.

Wehbe sparked controversy and received harsh criticism after appearing on an Arab Star Academy live episode in a skimpy dress in November 2014. Although the stage lighting was to blame, she later apologized. 

The country's predominantly Islamic parliament approved the motion to forbid Haifa Wehbe's show from taking place in Bahrain in April 2008. 

As a result of the activity, Wehbe performed in Bahrain while dressed more modestly. She wore a long green gown with a low V-neckline. 

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